Its Not About Dumbing Down, Its About Relevance!


Blame it on our digital lifestyles, blame it on the multi-tasking, blame it on global warming if you must, but the truth is that we take in less and process less than we used to. For marketers this is a nightmare- imagine millions spent on advertising and promotion which the consumer just doesn’t register.

One of the buzz words that is floating around is “Snackable Content.” If it is true that the human attention span has fallen to an average of 8 seconds, then one obvious solution is to deliver a message in less than 8 seconds.  No doubt someone has already come up with an award winning formula to deliver message blasts in 6 second intervals, and then… then guess what? The consumer is going to learn to tune that out too.

And this is the problem with the 8 second statistic. 8 seconds is the time we take to decide if something is worth remembering, focusing on, or relevant to our needs. 8 unmemorable seconds of drivel are just that- so perhaps the challenge is not to make things shorter, but to make them more relevant and memorable.

Our Research Results (conducted in Tesco Malaysia):

Research Results

In a world driven by ROI, brand owners need reminding that the whole purpose of communication is to charm, seduce and persuade. If all you care about are price points, then sure, 8 seconds or less ought to do it. But real brand building is about far more than that. So lets ditch the 8 second mentality and create communications that create meaningful moments.

Our 3D media platform can not only increase engagement time to over 1 minute, Visual Retale will deepen the engagement, and get customers taking about your brand.


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