Whatever Happened to Shopper Excitement?

Frozen Turkey Bowling from 10 Items or Less

David Ogilvy is credited with having said “The consumer is not a moron, she’s your wife.” In today’s more gender conscious environment he might have said the consumer is your spouse, whatever gender that may be. Worse than treating shoppers like morons, is the tendency to treat them like automated robots trundling down the aisles.

While on the one hand there is a certain kind of nostalgia for the good old days, when the High Street reigned supreme, marketers can take comfort in the fact that people aren’t buying less. Does it really matter whether they are buying online, in store or any number of other myriad ways, as long as the buying never stops?

We live in a world of big data. With the right tools there is endless potential for both demographic and psycho-graphic information all tailored to up-sell, cross sell and promote the incremental spend. But having said all that, what’s happened to the magic of shopping?

Increasingly shoppers find shopping a bore, something to get through. Lack of time creates stress. For a start there’s the traffic; and in the store, the queues. The advent of the superstore was meant to create a one stop shopping experience. In reality it means miles of trudging, with basket or trolley. Take heart though, that’s at least one way to make your quota of 10,000 steps a day.

The question then remains, why aren’t marketers making more of an effort to make shopping fun? Where are the surprises? And we don’t mean free sampling, though it does fill the empty hours between meals.

Restaurants and many pubs have embraced the idea that people want to have fun when they leave their homes. It is therefore rare not to find a big TV screen showing the latest Premier League highlights on demand. Pub quizzes, specials, treats for the kids. Why not retailers? Isn’t it time we went beyond having the latest club remixes playing in the background in trendier clothes shops, which according to psychologists tend to inspire greater purchase and more adventurous purchases.

Cost as always is cited as factor. The obsession with targets and numbers means that key decision makers want some proof of success before venturing into anything new. But fortune favours the bold. Any brand that dares take on a ‘media first”, sets itself well above its competitors. The technology exists.

Visual Retale has now arrived in-store. We have developed an exciting new in-store media innovation, a patented technology that projects animated content in retail environments. And for brands, this means a compelling new way of engaging customers, a brand new in-store media channel. Coming to a retail store near you soon!

Who’s going to be first?

Check us out….

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