Understanding the Science of 3D Illusionary Media

“Everything is an illusion.” Buddhist philosophy or neuroscience? Both actually. And yet, how bland life would be without taste, texture, colour and scent! These “constructs” of the mind are essential to creating desire. And yet the mind can so easily be fooled.

3D Illusionary Media

Escaping Criticism by Pere Borrell del Caso, 1874

Artists have been fooling the eye since the days of the caveman. The art of 3D illusion developed over time, and cultures, with the Chinese developing the technique of the floating perspective to depict dimensions and depth in the 10th century, while in Europe, trompe l’oeil was all the rage during the Renaissance.

The first 3D film was made in 1922. Critics are quick to deride 3D movies as faddish, and no one is all that keen on those dinky 3D glasses in the cinema, however, James Cameron’s Avatar still holds the record as one of the highest grossing movies of all time.

So how easy is it to fool the brain? Bear in mind that our perceptions of 3D-objects are reconstructions. We perceive depth from neural calculations based on perspective and stereopsis (or the way our eyes receive parallel images of the same object). Depth is also judged by occlusion, blocking, and shading, how images come in and out of focus. With the right lighting conditions, and the proper manipulation of image angles, it’s not hard to convince the brain that it is seeing things that are in fact not there at all.

Julian Beever

Chalk artist, Julian Beever who has been creating Trompe-l’oeil chalk drawings on pavement surfaces since the mid-1990s. Any marketer knows that a picture can be worth a thousand words.  A great visual conjures memories, makes associations and evokes emotions. If a single still image can do all that, then just imagine how much more compelling a 3D animated illusion can be.

In the spirit of the Renaissance artists and Julian’s revolutionary street art, we have applied this 3D illusionary science to a hi tech innovation, to develop an exciting new in-store media channel for brands. We are 3D illusionary media experts, with a patent to project animated content in retail environments, our media is a game changer and one of the most exciting developments in shopper marketing.

Our 3D branded content delivers the emotional response, and creates a real experience for the customer. And for a brand, this means a compelling new way of engaging your customers.

Check us out here…

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